Home Loan Application Process - Total Process takes 4-8 weeks 
Appointment with an Affordable Mortgage Solutions Broker
We meet with you at a convenient time and place (we come to you) to understand your financial needs. We will search through hundreds of home loan products across a number of lenders and find the one that suits you and is right for you. We calculate your borrowing power, work out repayments, work out any money you can save on current loans and any questions you may have.
This step takes between 1-2 hours
Prepare the Application 
At this stage we have already selected the right bank and product for you and we will help you prepare the application and guide you through the complete process. 
We will let you know all the supporting documents needed to lodge your application 
This step will take 1-2 days 

Conditional Approval from the Lender 
Once the application is lodged with the lender they will review your application and provide a conditional approval. What this means is they have conditionally approved your loan while they conduct a valuation on the property and conduct a credit check. We will stay in touch with the lender throughout the process and keep you informed. 
This step takes 3-5 days 
Unconditional Approval 
This process means you have full  approval from the lender, it is formal acknowledgement that your loan application has been approved. 
This process takes 3-5 days 
Loan Documents Arrive 
Once your loan documents arrive we will organise a time to meet with you and help you complete the documents. 
This process takes 5-8 days 
Loan Settlement 
If you are purchasing a home the lender and the solicitor / conveyancer will liaise directly to organise settlement according to the date on the contract sale. If you are re-financing the lenders will liaise directly to organise settlement. 
This process takes 5-15 days
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