Hi my name is Cherie Luke from Affordable Mortgage Solutions.We are located west of Sydney in Penrith NSW, our goal is to find the best loan to suit your requirements, we offer loans that aren't always advertised by the lenders.
We search through hundreds of loan products from up to 30 different lenders, to find the best product tailored for you.
We complete all the paperwork for you, and assist you through the whole process from start to finish and will continue to stay in contact with you to make sure your home loan is the right solution for your needs now and in the future.
We save you precious time, money and stress by doing all the running around for you and all the liaising with the lenders is taken care of by us.

We are paid by our venders, our service to you is FREE...
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Fixed Rate Variable Rate Split Rate Interest Only Low Doc Family Guarantee or Pledge Mortgage Re-Finance
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Cherie Luke is a Credit Representative
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